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79 yuan Zimi puts on the shelves 2m apple data cable: Adhesive line card bid farewell to messy

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-17
Recently, Xiaomi's ecological chain company Zimi Technology released a 2-meter-long Apple iPhone data cable, which is MFi certified, fast charging without pop-up, and the price is 79 yuan. So far, the Zimi Apple data cable has been available in three lengths: 0.3m, 1m, and 2m to meet the needs of different scenarios. Zimi USB Cable (2m) Apple data cable adopts Kevlar braided wire, 16-strand high-strength polypropylene yarn braided layer, which greatly enhances the tensile and anti-folding ability of the cable body. The cable body is bent 10,000 times without damage, and is drawn without damage. The force is 50 kilograms. The terminal head of Apple's official Lightning data cable is easy to peel and break, while the Zimi data cable adopts an integrated full-cover design for the vulnerable parts, which has a better feel and smoother insertion and removal. Different from the 1 meter version of Lightning terminal head with a magnetic pendant in the handheld part, the 2 meter version uses a back glue line card design, which can also say goodbye to messy. In terms of compatible models, it supports Apple devices with Lightning interfaces such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod.
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