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5G technology is coming soon, can iPhoneX last until 2020?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-05
However, as a flagship mobile phone released in 2017, it must last until 2020, which is equivalent to a span of three or four years of service life. This does have certain requirements for hardware and system experience, and the author believes that it depends on the individual in the end. Using the demand standard, some people think that the phone can’t stand a little bit of lag, while some people can only accept the aging phenomenon of the phone, so whether the hardware experience of iphoneX can meet the needs of people after three years, it still depends on Personal subjective factors. From an objective point of view, in recent years, Apple's innovative design and upgrade range for the iphone have become smaller and smaller. Even the new iPhone to be released in September this year, from the information we can currently obtain, the new product in September this year may not be much different from the 2017 version of the iPhone X. Due to the development and progress of some technologies, the elimination of mobile phones has become faster and faster. Many people are worried that after the arrival of 5G technology, high-priced mobile phones such as iPhone X will be eliminated. In this way, many people are still more concerned about buying iPhone 4s because the cost is really high. However, the 5G Technology Center may not have much hope to be used in the past two years. According to the latest plan, it may not be commercialized until 2020. So, 5G technology is coming soon, can iPhoneX last until 2020? In fact, we look at the iphone x. The performance and performance of this phone are indeed quite good. The a11 processor and ios system can definitely meet the daily needs of many people. In other words, in the future iPhone, the new technology that may indeed be adopted is that the screen-to-body ratio is further, the battery capacity has increased at the extreme charging speed, and even the face unlocking and ar technology will be better. Experience, but the chance of achieving substantial changes is very small. ?Finally, after the rapid development of mobile phones in recent years, they have fallen into homogeneity, and the technical bottleneck is obvious. Not only Apple’s iPhone, but even Samsung, a mobile phone brand that pays more attention to design, has not undergone very big changes and innovative designs. This actually represents an industry trend. The size of mobile phones has basically been fixed in one form. It is indeed quite difficult to have more technology on the small body. Even the popular full-screen technology in the past two years is actually in so many forms back and forth, so that OPPO Findx and vivo nex People will even be amazed after the release, but the actual experience is not satisfactory. Problems such as camera dust and accelerated parts wear have not been solved. ? We always want to pursue new technologies, so the requirements for mobile phones will be higher and higher, but whether mobile phones like iphoneX can last until 2020, in fact, the answer lies in the layout of a company's products and waiting for you. There is no new revolutionary technology, otherwise we will find that it is not necessary to replace mobile phones frequently nowadays, what do you think?
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