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4G license may stimulate another wave of domestic mobile phone competition

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-11
The good times for mobile phones are also bad times. The international mobile phone market is being re-divided. Traditional giants such as Nokia, Motorola and BlackBerry have given way or withdrawn. Domestic mobile phone manufacturers are fighting fiercely, and Apple and Samsung are showing signs of decline. But behind the apparent prosperity is the increasingly prominent problems of price competition and overcapacity.   'This is the best time and the worst time.' This may be the most appropriate description of the current situation of mobile phone manufacturers. With the issuance of 4G licenses imminent, a new round of reshuffle is not far away.  'The best era'  Chinese mobile phone manufacturers are experiencing a prosperous 'best era'. Except for Samsung and Apple, which are firmly in the first camp, Chinese mobile phone manufacturers occupy most of the remaining market.  The 'China Cool Alliance' army consisting of ZTE, Huawei, Coolpad, and Lenovo quadrilateral leads the domestic mobile phone market, followed by Meizu, Gionee, OPPO, Xiaomi, VIVO and other manufacturers.   According to the global second quarter smartphone shipment data released by the survey agency Canalys, the shipments of the five major domestic mobile phone brands ('China Coollink' plus Xiaomi) have accounted for 20% of the global market. After Samsung and Apple occupy the top two positions on the list, Chinese manufacturers Lenovo and Coolpad have ranked third and fourth, while after fifth place LG, Huawei and ZTE occupy sixth and fourth place respectively. Seven. From the hardware configuration point of view, these products all focus on the top hardware at the moment, and in terms of marketing and promotion, Chinese manufacturers represented by Coolpad finally put their products on the same position as Apple’s iPhone5s and Samsung’s Note3. The meaning of catching up in high-end products is very obvious.   Fierce price competition   'The fierce competition in the Chinese mobile phone market is rare in the world.' Said He Shiyou, the top person in charge of ZTE's mobile phone business and executive vice president. There are so many competitors in a market, and the vast majority of competitors use price wars as weapons, which is unique in the world.   With the continuous increase of new entrants in the domestic mobile phone market, more and more manufacturers have joined the battle for the low-end market. Even the once 'price killer' Xiaomi mobile phone has become the object of other brands to block.
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