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25% of smartphone users did not install protective film-Guangzhou Optical Materials Wholesale Manufacturer

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-16
The screen of a smartphone is very easy to crack. If the user does not install the protective film and uses the mobile phone to read text messages or Weibo for several months, one day the mobile phone screen will have a problem. Although the screen is broken, the phone can still be used, but users will not dare to touch the screen with their fingers anymore. According to a recent NPD Group survey report, a quarter of smartphone users do not use protective films to protect their devices. 34% of Android users did not install a protective film. In contrast, only 13% of iPhone users have installed a protective film. NPD CEO Ben Arnold said in the report that iPhone users’ mobile phone protective films use more frequently than other smartphone users’ protective films. According to the survey, nearly half of iPhone users have more than one protective film during the time period of using a mobile phone. A quarter of iPhone users do this to change the appearance of their phones. Users of different brands have reasons to refuse to use the protective film. 33% of iPhone users who did not use a protective film said that the protective film would add too much volume to the phone. 23% of Android users said they are too worried about breaking or damaging their phones. Only a few users said that they did not use the protective film because their phones were too expensive or they liked smartphones without a protective film.
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