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249 yuan! Black Shark Frozen Refrigeration Back Clip 2 Magnetic Suction Edition is on sale tonight: Support iPhone 12-radiator, Black Shark Technology —

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-31
News on June 17th, today, the official WeChat account of Black Shark gaming mobile phone announced that the Black Shark ice-sealed cooling back clip 2 magnetic version will be on sale on all platforms at 0:00 on June 18, priced at 249 yuan, available on the official website of Black Shark. , Jingdong Mall, Xiaomi Mall, Xiaomi Youpin to learn about purchasing. It is reported that the black shark ice-sealed refrigeration back clamp 2 magnetic version adopts a circular design, and for the first time a magnetic design is added to the refrigeration back clamp, which greatly simplifies the operation of loading and unloading the back clamp. It is composed of 15 neodymium iron boron magnets. Magnetic array, magnetic attraction is stronger. It is worth mentioning that the entire iPhone 12 series are equipped with MagSafe magnetic components, which are firmly attached to electronic products through the strong suction force generated by the neodymium iron boron magnets, which are the same size as the iPhone 12 magnetic components, and are automatically aligned and firm. Adsorption. Of course, in addition to the iPhone 12, the Black Shark Ice Sealed Refrigeration Back Clip 2 magnetic version comes with a thermally conductive magnetic sheet, which can also enjoy the convenient magnetic heat dissipation function after being attached to the casing of other devices. It is understood that the black shark ice-sealed refrigeration back clamp 2 magnetic version has 112 built-in high thermal conductivity heat dissipation columns, a 7200 rpm high-speed fan, and a high energy efficiency ratio cooling chip. The official said that under the blessing of the 'three highsDegree of monomer cooling. In terms of appearance, the size of the new magnetic back clip is more compact and slim, and the outer ring adopts the metal anodizing process to further improve the texture of the whole machine. The product weight is only 73g. In addition, the COOLMAX version of the Black Shark Golden Silkworm game finger sets will also be on sale at 29 yuan. According to reports, the finger sleeve is made of silver fiber + COOLMAX material, which is more conductive, breathable and sweat-absorbent, and is suitable for people with sweaty hands.
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