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1. Protect the Devices with Cases

by:YoukingTech     2021-07-07

For all the conveniences of a pocket, a good protective case can easily protect the handheld device. Being a common portable device, the iPhone/iPad/ iPod Touch can be broken relatively easily since they are used frequently, and the glossy touchscreen can get dirty and scratched quickly. A good protective case will protect the device from dropping damage, but it may not protect the touch since it's too fragile. A waterproof case will be needed when you go to the beach.

2. Set up iTunes Account for Kid and Control over iTunes Settings

The iPod touch and iPhone require an iTunes account for setup and to allow the user to download music, movies, apps, or other content from the iTunes Store. Set up the account yourself, even if it has your child's username, so that you have control over the iTunes settings on the computer. For instance, you can set up a credit card for purchases from the iTunes Store so that you have fine-grained control over what can be purchased. You can also to be notified once there is a purchase.

3. Talk about iDevice Using Rules

This could be a direct method: discuss with your kids about the ground rules that how they can use the idevice, like Where and When they can use it, and what they can use it for. Some common proper ways are listed as below:

They should not run around with the device in one hand in the park but be seated while using it.They should not browse late into the night, for instance.They should never ever ignore a phone call if the screen reads 'Mom' or 'Dad'.They should not use this technology to lie, fool, or deceive another human being.

In addition, discuss some security articles with him/her, and explain why you set up restrictions as well as importance.

4. The First Safeguard - Create an Apple device Passcode

Usually, the passcode could be the first safeguard for your idevice. As we all know, child may personalize the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch with access to their personal information such as email, Facebook, family address. These privacy can be misused or compromised if the kids get the device lost. For safety, choosing a passcode could be the most effective way to prevent other people from unlocking your kids idevice. Go to Settings> General> Passcode, Then use the virtual keypad to enter a 4-digit code.

5. Allow Or Ban - Install Third-Party Apps

For fun will be the first reason that kids play idevice. Games, chats, videos, thoundsand of third party apps available in AppStore. You can install the popular games for your kids before you give the idevice to them. However, you can not make sure if your kids install some harmful apps like porn, drugs by mistake. If you decide to allow child to install and/or purchase apps from the App Store but ban from some others, you can choose to restrict apps by default, purchasing with your permission is also required. If you want to completely disable the installation of third-party apps from the App Store, simply go to Settings> General> Restrictions> Installing Apps> OFF. You can do this after you install all the necessary apps.

6. Allow or Disable YouTube?

As one of the most popular video app in App Store, YouTube is pretend to protect children and make itself fairly easy to come across as part of regular usage. However, considering on the age of your child, you may or may not want them to get access to it. If your kids are not old to get access to YouTube video, just simply disable it by selecting Settings> General> Restrictions> YouTube> OFF.

7. Allow or Disable iTunes?

Your kids could directly purchase songs and the other contents by getting access to the built in iTunes app on the device. This could be a hidden trouble that children have not self-control, they even have no sense that which one is proper to buy. If you want to disable access to iTunes completely, please go to select Settings> General> Restrictions> iTunes> OFF . If you want to restrict kids purchasing under your permission, you can make a check for the items by yourself.

8. Stalk iDevice with Monitoring Apps

With a big departure from the non-smart phones, The iPhone or iPad is powerful browsing devices and can be used to access any website that can be accessed from a regular browser on your computer. You need to decide if your kids are allowed unfettered access to the Internet as well as check if they are safe online.

Thankfully. Many app developers have built excellent parental control as well as monitoring solutions for iDevice. You can know clearly about their keystroks, SMS, website logs, whatapp chats, emails on the Apple device. You can Tap on 'Search' then enter 'iKeyMonitor'in Cyida, choose the one from 'BigBoss' source, Click confirm to install the app. Figure out the recent situation of children online, iKeyMonitor lets you do that.

iKeyMonitor is an iOS Keylogger for iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch that logs SMS, keystrokes, passwords, websites, screenshots and automatically sends the logs to you by email or FTP.

9. Consider an Extended Warranty

You may ask that if the extended warranty is required? This depends. But if your child tends to break things, it might be a good idea.It's very important of taking note of your warranty contract, this makes you not to only know but also to understand the coverage of your warranty and the validity. The extended warranty will give you complete coverage for Cover Lost, Stolen and Damage and also covers any software issue or phone problems for free.

10. Buy Insurance (iPhone only)

To against loss or accidents, insurance can be a good alternative to AppleCare for all of the iPhone users. With the AppleCare+1 for iPhone, you can get help from the Apple experts for any troubleshooting issues when your kids lost the iPhone.

Just with simple 10 points, you don't have to be an expert at using iPhone/iPad to make them safe for your kids. Thanks to the tech as well as developer today, we could built ways and means to make the Apple device just as secure as you want it to be for your child!

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